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Price List

In Home Service                                          Estimate + Tax

Appliances                                                       $65.00 + Tax

TV                                                                     $95.00 + Tax

This estimate fee includes travel charge and diagnosis and is due at time of service. Parts and labor charges will be estimated by your in-home technician and will include the estimate fee.

Carry In:                                                          Estimate + Tax


TV (all except plasma)                                        $48.00 + Tax

TV Plasma                                                          $75.00 + Tax

Receiver Audio/Video                                         $85.00 + Tax

Amplifier                                                                TBD    (To Be Determined)

Digital Audio Server/Media Center                        TBD

Preamplifier/Sound Processor/Equalizer              TBD

Speaker/Subwoofer/Soundbar                              TBD

Projectors                                                           $75.00 + Tax

Turntable                                                            $45.00 + Tax

CD/DVD MegaChangers                                    $39.00 + Tax




Wall Mounting of TVs                                        Starting at


Up to 40"                                                             $98.00 + Tax

41" to 70"                                                           $145.00 + Tax 

71" and Up                                                         $185.00 + Tax


Variables such as location of TV, wall construction, required wiring, special instructions, type of wall mount, and connection of additional equipment are factors.  Please call for estimate.



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