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My name is Wayne, technician and owner, born February 15th, 1955 in Camden, New Jersey.  My father, Lou and mother, Ruth raised my 4 siblings and I to be independent, studious and honest.  My father served in the United States Air Force as an electronics instructor during the Korean War, and when honorably discharged, became an electronics engineer with RCA in Camden, NJ.  My mother was born and raised in Illinois where she met my father while he was stationed at Scott Air Force base. They were married in Philadelphia and eventually settled in Camden, NJ.  My brother was born here in Camden, and then I came along in '55.


In 1957, my parents moved us to Delran, New Jersey, here, my three lovely sisters, Cozette, Darlene and Cindy all born in Zurbrugg Hospital in Willingboro NJ, joined us to become a family of seven.  I attended St. Peter's school in Riverside and in the year I turned 10, we moved to Cinnaminson, New Jersey where I still reside today.  My parents have since left us for the great beyond and are truly missed.  We owe much of what we became in life to them both.   I went through Cinnaminson public schools and eventually attended Rutgers University in Camden.  During my time in Rutgers, I started working in the consumer electronics field, working on TVs that were mostly vacuum tubes and discreet components.  It was challenging and I enjoyed the work and study.


Over the years consumer electronics slowly changed to transistor and modularization.  This was a slow change until about 1995 when some of the first flat panel TVs appeared in the form of plasma technology.  From that time on through today, things have been changing at a pace faster than anyone could have imagined in the 70's. 


Even though, I've kept up with the changing technology with continued education and training.  I still am learning new technologies every day.  Please come and see me at All-Tronics when ever you are in need of my services.


Thank you for taking the time to read this synopsis.






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